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Uncommon Complications - Diane Gosling, Elizabeth Davis

*After the babies heart has stopped beating in the womb and the baby is dead up to 5 weeks after is a safe time to deliver the body.
*DIC- A blood clotting disease- resulting in massive blood loss and death
angelica Root
Don Qui
Penny Royal
Black cohash                                   All are herbs used to bring on miscarriage
Ladys Mantle                                     A stimulant combined with an active
Golden Seal
Shepherds Purse
* Always check after the miscarriage and ectopic pregnancies that the uterus is empty- Twins sometimes survive
Amneotic Fluid Embolism (AFE)
* induction and c-section have created many more AFE than natural birth
* due to abdominal scarring, hyper stimulation of uterus and extra oxytocic drugs , also sloppy repairing of uterus after c section
* To avoid AFE at VBAC( vaginal birth after C section) ask woman how she healed after operation, if it was badly then advise a hospital birth
* Fever, pain , dischage, slow healing are all symptoms of AFE
* Blackcurrent Oil
   Vitamin E Oil                     All healing to scar tissue
   Comfry Oil 
*Excercise helps the inside heal as well as keeping the outside fit.
*AFE is related to any tauma during labor eg - rupture of membranes, induction, c-section
* There is NO good rationale for early rupture of membranes!
Labial Hematoma ( varicose veins on vagina)
* Hot and cold stimulates circulations and moves the blood around
* change positions and switch about because all movement gives mama and baby a chance to re-evaluate
* Get mums to practice vaginal exercises squeezing each level starting at the sub basement and moving up to level 5, then go back down again. Breathe in and out with each squeeze and hold for 5 seconds.
  Basement     - This is where giving birth occurs!
  Sub basement
* Use arnica tincture internally and externally
Retained Placenta
* increased DNC or internals put her at risk
* Check uterus tone- gently place hand on fundus ( top of womb)
*Large loss of blood is detremental to recovery.
* Get the mama to check herself
  cervical tear
  vaginal tear              cause blood loss
  partial seperation
* If the mum has been given pitocin  ( Synthetic oxytocin) she will not make her own oxytocin to close the uterus for at least 30 minutes.
* Angelica Root or Shepherds Purse tincture directly under the tongue held there for one minute will help the placenta release.
* If the placenta is not coming and the mother is not pushing, put two fingers in , follow cord up past the cervix, if there is no placenta there, it is still attached.
*Give herbs or pitocin to seperate placenta
* Pitocin does not close the cervix it contracts the long muscles of uterus.
* Put hand inside the uterus follow the line of the placenta to the connected piece, use hand as a spatula and gently smooth placenta away from the uterus wall
* Just leaving the new family to bond and relax is the best way to assist the birth of the placenta.
* If the placenta will not be removed by hand , peel the lumps off the uterus wall so there is less bulk and then the uterus can close easier - then call an ambulance.
* Drinking water assists amnotic fluid production
Compound Presentation
* Arms , transverse lie, all that can be done is tore insert limb then attempt to turn the baby to breech and get hold of the feet to deliver- either internal or external version or both
Bleeding Labor
Just get the baby out ASAP! Either push or get an ambulance!
 Shoulder Dystocia
* signs- babys neck is like a turtle or its head is purple
actions- get mama on all fours, put hand in to get the posterior shoulder,
 or strong super pubic pressure, or strong fundal pressure, then go for the posterior shoulder
* If there is a woman with a VBAC there will always be more bleeding
Cord Prolapse
* get mum in knees chest position
* put hand in cervix, push babies head off the cord
* get cord warm and into the vagina
* check that the cord is still pulsing Transfer to hospital ASAP
* If there is no hospital- push baby out ASAP and be prepared to resusitate
* cotton root bark - regulates hormones and the whole system
* Herbs and oxytocics will not work if the bladder is full or if the uterus is full of clots.


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