Thursday, 3 May 2012

Tricks of The Trade - midwifery today conference , harrisberg pennsylvania 2012

* For hemorrage take a piece of placenta, put it in the mums mouth - she will stop bleeding!
* Also you can use the membrane the same way if the placenta is not out
* To keep perinium intact - olive oil & geranium and ' Young living' gentle baby oil
* If the mother is needing to push but not complete - then massage her in the all fours positon feeling for the lump of the head, then strongly massage the head away from the pelvis following the line of the back.
* To ease blood clots and varicosities- use warm cider vineger on a rag, wrap around clotted vein and alevate
* Also quersitin - pectin of apples or vitamin E
* For hemmoroids - use a piece of potato inserted up the bottom
*To help with pregnancy nausea - suck lemons
*To cure upper resperatory tract infections - chop garlic finely and leave in honey overnight, use resulting syrup as medicine 1 tsp 3 x a day
* Breastmilk cures - sinus problems, earaches, nappy rash, in fact everything
* garlic cures- breastmilk infections, mastitis, worms, thrush, ear infections
* If you have recurring blocked milk ducts use sya lecithin
*Pinard skills- place pinard where you believe babies back to be, face the mother, ear to pinard, pinard to belly, let go with hand and lsten
* When babies are stuck- the emotons are stuck, the emotions of the mother and the emotions of the baby are very important. To assist communication assists birth.

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