Thursday, 3 May 2012

Implimenting ideas for change in Midwifery and Birth - Midwifery Today

* Every Birth is Amazing
* Each time a Woman gives Birth it is Amazing
* She Evolves , Grows and Transforms!
* We must Celebrate! Respect this time and create ceremony for this amazing part of life
* To impliment change we must-

* Be aware what needs to change
*.Be confident about our power to change.
* Be active about change
* Be open minded
* Be creative
* Be hopefull

* Every place we walk , every place we stand, we can impliment change for birth
* go to colleges and schools and offer to teach
* Go to radio stations and offer stories
* put birth stories out there
* Teach men and boys about natural birth
* run classes, meet ups and gatherings
* Connect people - talk and listen more.

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