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* Safe , Nurturing , Non-Judgemental, Well- Informed , Loving, Stress- Reducing.

* The Quadratus Lumborum is the primary muscle involved in back pain during pregnancy, it can be relieved with counter strain eg:-


* Assist mother to lie on her side, keep knees together as much as possible when getting into position to support and protect the symphisis pubis ( the cartilage join in the middlle of the pelvis , above the pubic bone.)

* Support the belly, raise the knees with pillows

* Find the place where there is the most strain in the muscle, by feeling and asking the client

* When you have found the exact spot, press spot with your thumb, whilst holding other hand on the hip and pushing with a medium force forward ( this gently rotates the pelvis while you are relaxing and recallibrating the muscle with your other hand)

* Repeat on the other side so the body is balanced!

* HOLD THESE POSITIONS FOR 90SECS WITH EQUAL FORCE THROUGHOUT. This resets the neurons and the receptors in the body, brain and muscles and relieves the pain.

*THE PSOAS - This is the muscle that reaches from the back of the hip downto the side of the knee pains here can be treated with muscle relaxation and strain counter strain.


* With the woman lying on her side supported bt cushions, get her to bend her leg up towards her stomach and lift it towarsd the sky.

* practitioner stand facing the womans belly , assisting the lift of the leg with R hand and giving something to push against with the L hand

* Have woman push her leg forward like she is bending her knee upwards for 5secs, then release.

* This assists the hip to release and the leg will extend further, when she straightens it out along and back from her body.

* Repeat this 3 to 5 times until the desired extention and pain relief has occourred.

* repeat on the other side so the body is balanced1


* Have the client lie on her back with one leg straight one leg bent at right angles outwards.

* Feel the top of her pelvis in towards the pubis until you find a sore spot.

* press the point with your top hand thumb, support the knee and lift gently to rotate the hip with the other hand.

* Hold this position for 90 secs the muscle will release and reset its neurons and receptors

* Repeat on both sides so the body is balanced!

* PERIFORMIS - This is a muscle that reaches from the hip bone to bottom cheek!

* Pain can be relieved with STRAIN COUNTER STRAIN

* Have the woman lie on her side supported by pillows

* Face her belly and lift her top thigh a little upwards with your forearm

* With your other hand feel for a sore point from top hip bone to bottom of bottom cheek

* When you have the place , apply thumb pressure and rotate hip for 90secs

* The muscle will release and reset its neurons and receptors

* Repeat on both sides so the body is balanced!

Elaine Stillerman is a brilliant massage therapist, designer of the amazing massage balls( smelly balls) and a great karaoke singer! With these techniques she totally helps create a calm pain relieving massage that uses the least amount of effort whilst creating the most amount of relief.


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