Thursday, 3 May 2012

Amish and Menonite Midwifery - Mary Hosteler and Lydia Byler

* It doesnt matter what creed , religion , color, you are Birth is an extreme physical sensation!
* It can be overwhelming
* It can take our breath away
* Our faith in the Process of Birth and the power of God assists in Positive Birth Stories
* Birth Stories assist in all generations to know the story of Birth, so everyone in the family knows what happens at a Birth so then there is less chance of anyone being afraid.
*The extended family supports and loves the new addition to the family
* The faith gave the first menonite women the courage to birth their babies at home with no-one but god with them.
* Love is a many splendored thing - Babies are made in Love
                                                           Babies are born in Love
                                                           Midwives support Births in Love
*Love is Honored Cherished and Respected
* Birth is painful but beautiful.
* We check , massage and talk with the mother every 6 weeks for the 1st trimester, every 3 weeks 2nd trimester, every2 weeks 3rd trimester
* Nutrition is the best medicine! - Fresh foods , low suger, low fat, low salt
*Shepherds Purse - for stopping excessive  bleeding
* Blue Cohash, red raspberry leaves, blessed thistle, black cohash - all are use as gentle assistants to birth.

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