Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Philosophy of Education - Gail Hart

* With something as variable and unique to each woman as Pregnancy and Childbirth ,you cannot learn it all from a book.
* You can learn lots of imformation from books but you cannot substitute this for practical experience.
* The first aid  skills of Midwifery are quickly taught, the anatomy and physiology are valid as as you begin to create knowledge to assist natural physiological Birth.
*Natural Physiological Birth- Is the Gold Standard of Midwifery
* Hand skills cannoot be substituted by technology!
* It is up to all midwives with skills to teach others or these skills will be lost!
 Create situations where hand skills and technology compete to see who gets the closest results
*  Placenta is so high in prostoglandin that it is still globally the primary fixer of heamorrage

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