Thursday, 7 March 2013

Deep Self love relaxation

Deep Self Love Relaxation

*Lie comfortably, make a bed, pillows, blankets, comfortable.

* Allow yourself to be tucked in and given Love.

* Breathe deeply thru nose and out thru mouth.

* Relax feet and toes calves and knees - your legs can relax and not have to carry you all the time.

* Relax your thighs.

* Let your hands rest on your belly, feel your womb , feel your baby

*Know that your baby feels what you feel, when you relax you both relax.

* Know that, like you, your baby feels sun and dark.

* Feel the suns rays thru your belly, feel your womb relax,  your baby relaxing in the light.

* Know that you are safe, you are amazing.

*Know that your baby is safe, and you are amazing to have grown your amazing baby.

*Know that you are assisting in the creation of the first space a new human will be born into.

* You have created a new being and are now growing it in the safest place possible.

* You are a perfect being and all growth in body and soul is safe and right for you.

*Know that to create, grow and birth a baby is the most natural normal and simple thing in the world, and you will do it in your own way.

* Know that your calling to assist others is a pure sacred path, and you will do it in your own way.

* Relax your chest, feel your breasts and know that you are womanly, nurturing , able to feed and grow your baby, and to spirituall nurture those areond you with mother like support.

* Relax your neck, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers

* Know that the world is at your fingertips.

* Relax your face and head . Breathe in deep and release your sound AHHHHHHHHHHH 2 or 3 times.

* Now breathe deep and smile to yourself, a really big grin, fully smile to yourself and let yourself know that you are amazing, fabulous , brilliant!

* You are amazing, strong, brilliant, capeable, able to give birth and support birthing.

*Feel full of Love Love for yourself , your baby, your journey.

* Breathe deep, Release, Relax, Love

*Start to wiggle your toes, wake up in your own time, roll onto your side and come into sitting position.

* Look around and smile to yourself and everyone around, bask in your newfound relaxed glory. Truely loving yourself and those around you.


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