Thursday, 7 March 2013


*In Traditional Mexico the Birthing Woman is seen and respected as a Warrior - She is putting her life on the line to create the next generation. This is the Female Rite of Passage where each individual will open her Brain Body and Heart to this life changing experience.

* The appropriate gifts for such a warrior is chocolate.


2Litres clean water

1 big bunch of Rosemary

1 Big handfull of Avocado leaves

some sprigs of sage

13 cloves

12  peppercorns, Black or Rose

4inch of cinnamon stick

1big handfull of cocoa (pure chocolate)

or 3-4 bars of 80% dark chocolate

*This recipie is one handed down from 'The Grandmothers' the original holders of birthing knowledge whose line of wisdom has never been broken by industrial medicine.

*Chocolate contains Theobromine which is a pre cursor to Oxytocin , the opening of Mind, Heart, Body and Soul is created by, a rush of this hormone, opening the brain to Theta levels of activity where past experiences can be over written with newer more empowering stories.

*The spices are all ones which create heat, warmness is needed to promote the feeling of well being and safety.

*The herbs are ones that promote courage, in the Body , Heart and Mind and also actively work on the muscles of the womb to correctly position the baby , calmly and gently, and then firmly eject the baby when the cervix is fully open.


   * Put the spices in the water and bring to boil, simmer till the liquid halves( this is called decoction)

* Take the liquid off the heat and add the herbs, making sure that they are under the water, Cover this and let stand until it is tepid ( this is steeping)

* when liquid is cool strain off the pieces.

* heat the now beautifully smelly maroon clear liquid to warm , add the chocolate and stir till not lumpy.

* the mixture does not have to boil! The cooler the better really cos then the chocolate keeps its proper molecular structure.

* The mother can drink this freely as and when she desires

* Give this to anyone who comes near or is entering the birthing space

The group as a whole supports the birthing woman, Mind Body and Soul, collectively as one mind women create a stronger woman , a stronger loving space that the baby will want to be born into.

Not all peoples brains and hearts are easily opened by words to the same level so the chocolate uses taste, heat and smell stimuli to change head spaces to make them more conducive to creating a Positive , Loving Birthspace.


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