Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Pre Natal Care create a positive birth- the Midwives role , Gail Hart

* Humans believe what what they see, they also see what they believe
* Whatever you do the baby will grow and progress
* Get women to log the babies movements, time , duration, then they will begin to know thier own normal and will be able to gauge when things change. " call me if things change"
* keep your ego in check! The woman , the hospital, the midwife, the doula all work together as a team to create a poitive birth
* Let women know that routine ultra sounds have not been proven benieficial to birth outcomes
*Prevantion is better than cure, DIET, EXERCISE, HEALTHFULL LIVING all create positive birth experiences

* Bacterial Vaginosis ( BV) and Group B Strep (GBS) are both considered causes of pre term birth
* BV overgrowth is allowed by lack of lactovilli
* BV and GBS prefer an alkaline enviroment
* Nurture the good guys to reduce the bad guys- a good cup of lactobaccili can protect against BV and GBS , yeast, e.coli, and anerobes
* Prepare the soil- raise acidity- vineger rinse- 2tbsp to 1 pint water
* Plant the seeds- probiotic yogert- use directly as a cream
* Slow down the weeds- practice good hygene- wash your partner! sex can spread BV and GBS


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