Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Initial Interview- Carol Gauchi

Before the first interview

*Make sure that the woman knows who you are and how you work- you need to be sure that you are a good match.
* having a website can help with this, some details on your website could be-
* How I became a midwife
* Birth classes I teach
*How and when I conduct interviews
* Apprenticeships
* Herbal birth aids
*Disclosure- what I offer
*Reccommendations- herbal and dietary
* ask women who call you to visit your website and note down any questions that they have to bring to their initial interview
* Its good to work on your perceptive skills, look in their eyes, read their body language.
* We assist women to own their births- Midwifery is deeply spiritual and the ultimate feminine experience, women together are a tribe.
* Pregnancy is a path of discovery and we are there to assist and support women on their journey.
* If you have no confidence in the woman to birth then get over yourself and pass her on to someone else
* Assist her to be able to refuse your care - give her the option to finish your relationship
* take all women to a 'Designer Birth' level of her care - MIDWIFERY IS AN ARTFORM!
*Do your best to not speak in absolutes-' Never' is not as good as 'seldom'
* continuity of care is rally important, it allows the midwife to build a unique relationship with the mother that is filled with LOVE and the more love there is the more oxytocin there is so the better the birth experience will be.
* Questions to ask during the interview
* How is your nutrition?
* Do you have a homebirth consent form and is it signed?
*Do you know the risks and beniefits of homebirth?
*What is your and your families birth history
* How do you deal with pain?
*Why do you want to have a homebirth?

* Help the woman and the family to become self empowered
* Assist the family to create their own birth experience
* Become invisible but still assist
* Give reccommendatins but release them to make their own choices

* Carols Birth Infusion
take a handfull of organic herbs
2parts raspberry leaves
2 parts nettle leaves
1 part alfalfa
1 part oatstraw
*get a litre jug and put the herbs into the bottom of the jug
* pour boiling water over the herbs
* cover tightly and let stand overnight
* strain the mixture and press the juice from the herbs
* drink freely throughout the day
* repeat at night

Carol Gauchi is a midwife who speaks so passionately about her art and craft of midwifery that she makes me cry and goosepimples rise on my skin! if you want to know more about her check out her website
 big fairy love laraxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. I like Carol's approach to midwifery too! Thanks for posting her interview. I did not take notes at the conference for fear of missing being in the moment and getting too hung up on "what did she just say" But I value your notes and will continue to check in with you. THANKS LARA!