Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Councelling for positive Outcomes. Gail Hart Midwifery Today conference , Harrisberg , Pennsylvania 2012

Ok so I believed that after every day at the conference I would writ up my notes on my new shiny box! Not true! I totally forgot how much concentration and writing I would be doing every day not to mention running, smiling , sorting stuff and generally giving loads of energy to all of my favorite midwives and birth activists! So obviously I lunched out my homework! So now I am about to start transporting my conference nots to blog world, I hope they are as exciting and imformative to you all as they are to me!

*Every pregnant woman should be supported with all she needs when she becomes pregnant.
*stress changes positive outcomes- life can be stressfull U.S. women are expected to do everything with minimal support
* NUTRITIONAL ECONOMIC, SOCIAL -  These are all kinds of stress- which lead to high blood pressure and then other complications.
* Nutrition- council for positive outcomes
*assist women to value themselves and respect themselves and their babies by eating well.
*sit and talk, "what did you eat yesterday?"
*you have to know where a woman is dietarily before you can positively affect her diet
cook for people- bring gluten free cookies to work,
introduce people to new foods- sprouts, houmous, stevia , seaweed
* sometimes people know how to eat properly but cant afford it. Assist by organising get togethers and food shares
* The value of pre-natal care is the time spent with the woman, which gives more confidence and connection between you both, raising levels of oxytocin thereby creating better birth experiences
*" This is an exciting time for you?" use leading questions to discover where she is with her pregnancy experience.
* Risks and fears need to be planned forbut they do not need to be stated as problems to terrify women!
* Try to keep our fears ( and adrenalin) low and the fears of our women low too!
*All women are unique ! No matter how you have been educated you need to remember that each women experiences life differently
* Always ask permission before touching- this creates body respect.
* see the whole woman , use your eyes and ears, heart and hands
* When birth experiences are bad women seem to talk of it less with less details
* Pick up the clues - get the whole story
* Women rarely repeat their birth experience physically- most women put their experiences into perpective
* Each birth is different- each time they change because they grow and change with the birth experience
** Always talk calmly and remind women of the dangers of unfounded fear mongering thru the internet and gossip.
* High blood pressure is not a symptom of Eclampsia or pre-eclampsia, it is a symptom that something is wrong and needs attention!
* Only 1 out of 100 people diagnosed with pre-eclampsia actually has a seizure at birth.
possibly calcium reguation is a factor in pre eclampsia - also kidney functions are a factor.
Gail Hart is a majestic midwife, her book ' Research updates for midwives, some thoughts on the best evidence.' is a brilliant resource book for anyone who needs to back up their decisions and actions at a medical level. Loads of doctor speak and names to quote, makes even doctors listen and question hospital protocol!

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